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We have a message of Love, Fun, peace, Health, and Wellness to the World.

We are not just another tourism company or a medical center, We are a combination of both.

We provide a 20 years of experience at tourism and medical fields at a very specialized and unique programs for our special guests.

Co founder of travel with hedy Dr. Hedy ElDessoky

Dr. Hedy ElDessouky

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

My name is Hedy Eldessouky, I was always passionate about my country’s culture and history. Which made me take the first steps towards learning more about ancient Egyptian history. I took Egyptology as a major. I was into tour guiding and teaching the great history of the Pharaohs to the whole world. I finished my Egyptology studies and became a lecturer. I traveled the world lecturing history enthusiast about ancient Egyptian History.
During my journey, my entire family was leading a healthy lifestyle. Following healthy diets and exercising regularly. But then something unexpected happened. My best friend got diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I was devastated when I found out, she was like a sister to me! We helped her as much as we could and got her the best oncologist we could find. She worked at Egypt Air, she was fit, and she was healthy. It just can’t be real that someone as careful as she is can get cancer.
She took a hormone treatment and her cancer was gone. A couple of years later her Cancer returned and spread into her whole body. I couldn’t understand what happened, it was one of the strangest cases in medicine. I kept searching and asking around, and I realized that oncologists can’t fully cure cancer, they only treat the symptoms. But the root cause remains there, hidden in your body, ready to come back at any moment. And I found the answer in an old Ancient Egyptian medical practice.
The answer was right before me this whole time. The ancient Egyptians, they preserved their mummies phenomenally, and their manuscripts contained numerous treatments and complex surgeries that were ahead of their time.
My passion has changed to discovering the secrets of ancient medicine. I decided to learn all the secrets and treatments the Pharaohs used to cure every possible disease, and they really had a cure for every disease!. I studied and earned a degree from the IIN, I even lectured for 10 years. And through my studies in ancient medicine, I was able to formulate new healing methods using the old ingredients with our modern science.
I discovered the real cause of cancer, oncologists cure the disease that causes cancer, but they never understood why did it happen in the first place. Which is why it is very common for cancer patients to get diagnosed with cancer again after getting cured.
Through my research, I discovered that cancer is a result from a discomfort in the body, and I was able to come up with a healing system that should benefit every cancer survivor to live on a healthier life without the risk of getting cancer ever again.
I decided to apply my knowledge and try to help people. I volunteered in hospitals to help cancer and Alzheimer patients. I worked day and night traveling, treating, and lecturing. And I loved every minute of it. I was driven by a force that I fully understood, my destiny was to cure patients using ancient medicine.
I went back and forth between hospitals, traveled around the world lecturing and treating patients, but that wasn’t enough for me. I did not reach everyone, not yet. Which is why I decided to create an intense survivor-ship care program to remove cancer completely from the body after the treatment course is finished. So, I started this website.
I use all my passion, strength and knowledge in reaching out to people and inviting them to try this revolutionary way of treatment. That is when I tried Tour and Cure.
  • Holistic health coach  New York (USA)
  • Hormonal health consultant New York (USA)
  • Functional medicine practicable New York (USA)
  • Doctor of therapeutic nutrition (U.K)
  • Egyptologist major Ancient Egyptian medicine and nutrition (Egypt)
  • Working in tourism field for more than 15 years

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