Cleopatra’s Secrets - 14 Days


As a woman, you may be relatively weak in body but definitely way stronger in mind. It’s no secret that you can master and control the world by your inner power; the power of femininity, power of kindness, and power of being one of a kind. You have your feminine instincts of feeling and conceiving the people around you, and your super wit cultivates creative ways of control. We just show you how you can do that and open your eyes so you can perceive your powers better and listen clearly to your wit.

Being dominant is not new. Long-time ago since ancient times, women used to be most dominant and their aura spread everywhere.
The dream of having your light cover all the people around you is not too hard.

Cleopatra’s Secrets program is here to reveal that for you.

We show you how Cleopatra controlled the world by her feminine wit by integrating her best-kept secrets.


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What's Included

-6 days accommodation at five stars hotel in Cairo with 3 meals per day

(Breakfast and dinner at the hotel ,while lunch at local restaurant during the tour.)


-4 days accommodation at five stars hotel in Hurghada

3 meals per day (breakfast and dinner at the hotel ,while lunch during the tour )


-4 days accommodation at five stars deluxe Nile crouse

3 meals per day on board


-All site seeing mentioned at the program . Air conditioned buses for all excursions and transportation transportation


-English speaking Egyptologist and tour leader during the tours


-Transfer from and to airport .


-Domestic flight from Cairo to Hurghada ,and Aswan to Cairo (as mentioned in the program)


-private entrance to the great pyramid complex


Special entrance inside the great pyramid


-private entrance to the sphinx excuser area


-special entrance to some tombs at the pyramids complex


-private entrance to the Egyptian museum .


-Eight lectures with Dr Hedy


-One to one session with Dr Hedy and receive personal program depends on bio individuality


-Detoxing program for each person


-Boosting immunity program following Ancient Egyptian health commandments .


-Belly dancing session with famous Egyptian belly dancers .


-Yoga session with certified ancient Egyptian yoga teacher


-Natural spa with professional experts


-Skin and body care natural product manufacture session .


-Medical insurance during the trip .

Not included

-International flight from and to Egypt .

We can help you in booking the flight .

- visa at Cairo international airport 25$

-Appreciation to the working stuff .

-Any additional tour not mentioned in the program .

- Drinks during the meals .

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E-mail: contact@tour-cure.com

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Office hours: 8am–8pm EST Monday–Friday &  9am–5pm EST Saturdays. Our consultants will be happy to give you all the information you need.

Accommodation, Transportation & Flights


We pick the best five stars hotels in Egypt according to the availability like Four seasons hotels and Merritt Mena house hotel .

We follow certain Hygiene procedures followed by our company .Our quality control team ,who are trained and certified to hygiene procedures according to international standardization measurements.

Supervise the hotel procedures for rooms hygiene and all the equipments been used by our group (special procedures only for our group ,rooms and cabins )

Our hygiene them certified with German international certificate for hygiene and preventing germs spread from TUV and WHO organization.our team do the hygiene inspections every day for every site or visit we do .we collaborate with TUV to do special hygiene auditing before our stay at the hotel and cruise ship

All our accommodations ,hotels and cruse ship and even visits follow hygiene special Auditing by our quality control team .

Merritt mena house hotel ;

It’s consider one of the best hotels in Egypt ,it was a private royal palace built by king Ismail on the royal French style of decoration ,it’s consider one of the most luxurious ,royal style hotel in Egypt and been chosen for the accommodation the world celebrities ,president and kings .It got lavish gardens ,gorgeous swimming pool and amazing view of the pyramids .

Also Mena house witness a lot of political conferences .

Mena house hotel become know world wide with its luxurious suits which names after its visitors ,like the suit of (Jim carter the president of United States of America),the suit of the( British military commander for the Second World War ), the suit of( swinish king Gustafson Adolf),the suit of (Winston Churchill )also the suit of the( famous writer Agatha Christie)

We will try to arrange a tour inside the hotel according to the availability



.four season Hotel ;


It is consider the best located hotel in Egypt ;it got the view of the Nile River and the view of the pyramids ,besides, is close of every where.It got a lot of dinning restaurants and coffee shops with unique ambiance .

Four season consider one of the top luxurious hotel all over the world .you can enjoy the outside garden with its relaxing cent ,indoor cafes and restaurant or the pampering roof with its sauna ,spa ,swimming pool , hot tub , fitness center.and first mall best shopping place in Egypt .


La Fayan Nile cruise ;


We checked carefully all Nile crouse and agreed to choose La Fayan for our guests .

It’s consider one of the best Nile Cruise in Egypt .

It’s a new Cruise ,modernly equipped and furnished.All cabins gots balcony on Nile River .

All meals served on board prepared with the standard hygiene procedures .

There is nice sun deck where you can enjoy sailing at afternoon tea time ,it has a fabulous modern decoration with an outstanding Swimming pool an amazing bar with daily night events on board .

You will have an unforgettable hospitality experience .



Hurghada 5 Stars hotel ;

We select the best five stars hotel according to availability .Like Sheraton or Mariotto

We always have our unique view rooms and our meeting rooms for our lectures beside ,we use the outdoor for belly dancing sessions ,yoga sessions and other morning activity Some photos and activity on beach .

SunRise Romans Sahl Hasheesh ,El Baron Sahl Hasheesh or similar

We choose one of the best ranked resorts in Hurghada ,it should has its own huge private beach with water activities .Rooms should have the view of the beach or the greenery land scape these resorts got different restaurants and cafes on the beach ,daily night life events for the Hotel guests ,amazing swimming pool ,and vast greenery landscape which make you breeze the nature.




All our buses are new ones 2020 and we follow quality control procedures and inspections

At Cairo

All Cairo visits by buses .

We fly to Hurghada by Egypt air lines or air Cairo according to availability(included )

At Hurghada

we use buses for city tours and motor boats for visit islands (included)

We take buses from Hurghada to Luxor for 4 hours drive (we enjoy watching the farmers and the Egyptian farms ) and have a lecture about customs and tradition of Egyptian farmers ,taste their super nutrient crops and visit their villages on the way.

At luxor

we visit sights by buses or horse and carriages

Transfer from luxor to Aswan by Nile cruise

At Aswan

Visit Abou Simbel temple by flight(included)

Visit Philae temple by motor boat (included)

Fly back to Cairo by flight (included).

About the Tour

1- Inside out (hormones)

Everything we do in the outside world stems from within. And according to the quality of what’s inside, the quality of the outside will follow.

Fixing your hormones and putting them in the optimum state will ensure your success in all aspects of life; whether it’s personal life, work communication, or people relations.

From fixing mood swings to reaching explosive femininity, your inner body and spirit will soar with the eagles.

2- Character

If you think about it, you will find that your own character is the main determinant of success and power in everything you do. Your character is the key that determines whether you finish that project or give up. And your character is also the key that makes sure everyone around you respects you and gives you the appreciation and recognition you deserve.

We teach you how to develop your character and strengthen it. You are unique on your own, and boosting your own special character can set you apart from others and put you on top of every competition.


3- Influencing others

Whether we like it or not, people represent a considerable part of our life, and mastering people skills can make or break your success in many disciplines.

Embracing queen Cleopatra’s powerful skills of how she used to think, plan, and interact with the outside world can take you to a whole new level of power.


Let’s practice these secrets together and enjoy the pleasure of controlling the other half by putting these deeply held techniques into action and practice the femininity’s dominance and control.

We own the power to dominate and control everything around us. You still have the chance to shine, but first, let’s light your inner sun so you can spread your light everywhere.

Join us in a one of a kind experience to uncover together Cleopatra’s Secrets and have your inner sunshine everywhere.

Why us

- We are the only travel agent who offer a trip only for ladies targeting certain important feminine goals .

- - we are the only travel agent who offer different health programs and sessions beside the touring program .

We offer private entrance to the most important sites in Egypt to enjoy the sites and enjoy entrance to places not other tourist can visit or enter .

-only with us ,you will you will uncover Queen Cleopatra secrets for awaking the femininity inside out .

-Eight valuable multi media lectures with DR Hedy about ancient Egyptian health secrets for the whole body in general and stabilizing body hormones in particular by using superpower herbs and food .

- -

-Only with us ,you will get introduced to the Ancient Egyptian health commandments ,aligned with post modern functional medicine.

-only with us ,you will learn how to make your natural creams ,body care product like Ancient Egyptian ,and learn the power of super herbs for skin treatment ..

- With us you can reveal ancient Egyptian way of stabilize your hormone ,mange your weight by simple natural technique .

-complementary natural spa for every lady in our group

-Detoxing program ,boost immunity program and weight mangment program beside yoga session ,belly dance session and manufacturing powerful natural product technique .All this and much more in outstanding trip to Egypt .

-Only US who offer a feminine wit coach program and offer one to one sessions

-We are the only travel agent who has her own certified and qualified quality control team who internationally certified to inspect and check hygiene procedures against germs in general and COVID-19 .in particular.

Only our travel agent who do double hygiene procedures ,check and Auditing by the international companyTUV German hotel hygiene auditing company ,auditing for the hotels rooms and Nile crouse cabins

-Buses ,restaurants and visiting sites follow hygiene procedures from our certified team .and

-only our travel agent who have a hygiene certified team accompanying the group at all places .and double check every thing used by our group .

-Our hygiene team follows our group through all their stay in Egypt to keep their hygiene and their social distance

-Only with us you can hit two birds by one stone ;enjoy an outstanding trip to Egypt with private entrance to the most important sites and mean while reveal the secrets of Queen Cleopatra for awaking the femininity inside out and get pampering yourself

Through my studies to the history of Egypt .. I found that queen CLEOPATRA was the most woman faced obstacle in her life and she turned every obstacle into a tool of success .

I found that ,it’s important far all woman and even me ,to consider her a roll model .

We I found the (light&Guide) to my life and happiness through Queen Cleopatra autobiography ,

I felt that I need to spread the ward and to help every woman around in the to live the best version of her self ,learn how to control her world ,attract power ,happiness &love to her way

I offer all of this and much more in CLEOPATRA SECRET trip to Egypt

Waiting for you all ladies

Pricing & Registration


5975$ for a person in a double room (if you want to stay in a single room ,you will add 1970$ extra to the amount)

700$ only during booking ,while the rest of the amount (60days before the tour )

For single supplement .500$ added to the booking payment while the rest with the rest of the amount ,(60days before the tour .)


Payment Schedule:
- 700 USD deposit – during booking.
- Remaining balance – 90 days before the tour


Bank Account no:636638


For booking this tour you need to down load the terms and conditions

Click here fill in and sign; then scan and send to our e-mail address. (Marketing @tour-cure.com)You can also register online. Click below on Book Now button and follow the instructions.

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Tour dates:

APR 1, 2021 - APR 14, 2021


OCT 7, 2021 - OCT 20, 2021


DEC 3, 2021 - DEC 16, 2021



Hygiene procedures

-we are the only travel agent who has her own qualified and certified quality control team who internationally certified to inspect and check hygiene procedures against germs in general and COVID-19 .in particular

- Only our travel agent .double hygiene procedures check and Auditing by the international companyTUV

For the hotels rooms and Nile crouse cabins

-Buses ,restaurants and visiting sites follow hygiene procedures from our certified team .and

-only our travel agent who have a hygiene certified team accompanying the group at all places .and double check every thing used by our group .

Our hygiene team keep following our guest through the whole trip ,even during the daily visit

To make sure of the hygiene of every place we go ,every single object we use and keep our social distant

The team works on our group personal the hygiene after each visit .The hygiene of every place we visit as well as every single object used by us

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