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How to get the Egyptian Visa

There are three ways to get the Egyptian visa ;

Visa on arrival, it can be obtain upon arrival at Cairo international

Airport and it cost 25$ ,it is single entry ,you might be waiting inline to

Get the Visa .

Electronic Viza ,you have to visit. viza2Egypt.gov.eg/e viza/Home

It cost 25$. ,single entry, it require 7working days and it it valid for

90 days, so mind the date of your trip and you duration of your visit while getting your viza

Viza stamp, it is a viza stamp on your passport ,you can get it by applying to the Egyptian

Consulate ,or Viza processing services.It is for the travelers who need assistant in Viza

Processing procedures .It should be within 30days of your arrival to Egypt, it might

Involve additional fees .


According to the new status quo the whole world face nowadays

We follow the new procedures and regulations issued by the countries to face

this new situation .

Stay healthy

Egypt has modest temperature most of the year ,some places might be hot.

So you need to wear light ,cotton closes ,hats ,sneakers.

Sun block creams during the visits and plenty of water.

Cash &credit cards

All kind of currencies are accepted in Egypt ,at some places they don’t accept coins

And few currencies are not accepted in the country .

All kinds of credit cards accepted ,ATM machines are everywhere .

Domestic flights

Most of our programs domestic flights are included in the tour .

We recommend that you pack two bags ,one for Cairo stay ,and one for your next stay

(Hurghada or luxor and Aswan or both)

Domestic flights follow the same regulations and restrictions of the international flights .

Packing list

Casual closes in layers ,smart casual for evening, sports wear and sneakers for sport

Activity .

Mosques and religious sites, require conservative wear for ladies covering hair , shoulders

And knees ,we recommend you have your own scarf although all this site have covers for

It’s visitors . Gentle men we recommend they wear long shorts or sports pants .

Sun block creams should be in your bag and a bottle of water .

Voltage and outlets

The voltage in Egypt is 220V.

The outlet with two prongs.Easy to find adaptor at the hotel or you can get one from the market

Shopping &Bazars

There are different kinds of unique souvenirs you can get from Egypt .

Good quality always from famous repetitive magazines and you get a certificate at this magazines

Most of the time prices are not much negotiable.

Gold is very good thing you can buy from Egypt ,what you can find is the 18 k gold .price is globally the

Same but Goldsmith very unique and inexpensive in Egypt ,you should get it from big shops and you get

Stamped certificate for what you purchased .

Papyrus papers also another good thing you can get from Egypt ,but also you should get a certificate mention that it’s original papyrus .

Hand made carpets are amazing and not expensive ,you should visit carpet school and learn about

This education .

Street market and Bazars are also very nice and it consider an experience to watch the people

And have fun with them ,Egyptian have high sense of hummer ,there is a lot of souvenirs

And giveaways you can purchase .prices is negotiable at the steer market .

Egyptian currency

Egyptian currency is the pound and it is almost 1 Dollar for 15 Egyptian pound ,you can chech

Latest update .at market they accept all currencies and all cards ,some places they don’t accept coins .

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