wonderful trip to Egypt

trip to Egypt: when you decide to visit Egypt, you should prepare yourself for the trip of your lifetime.

Egypt is full of wonders, myth, and adventure.

it’s the trip address the mind and body.

trip to Egypt it’s a cultural trip that takes your mind through the machine of time into a different era and different civilization. And your body will enjoy the fun adventure and the activity which can be practiced there.

Egypt got cultural tourism which is the monuments left by the pharaohs, temples, tombs, pyramids and the statues of the pharaohs.

the weather is always very moderate

so Egypt can be visited all year long.

trip to Egypt and enjoy the most important sightseeing in Egypt

Egypt got two-third of monuments all over the world. Cairo is the capital of Egypt inhibited by the city people

the most highly visited by tourists are the pyramids complex.

the great pyramid is considered one of the ancient seven wonders of the world.

and it’s the only one still exists on earth.

the sphinx and the pyramids of Giza, there are 9 pyramids in the complex beside the tombs of the workers,

and the solar boats of the kings.

trip to Egypt to visit Saqqara

its 18 km fare from the pyramids complex and it got the first pyramid ever built in Egypt dates back 2700 B.C.

downtown there is the citadel of Alladin.

which dates back to the 12 c it got a beautiful mosque their cover by alabaster.

it’s the mosque of Mohamed Aly beside the event castle of Mohamed Aly and some other mosques

trip to Egypt to visit old Cairo

it’s a place where got 7 churches, the place where the holly family passed by beside there is a synagogue and enclosed the biggest most build in Egypt Amr Ebn-El Ass mosque.

Egypt inhabited by 4 different types of people

city people who live in the cities

Nubians who live in Aswan, Bedwain in the desert of Egypt and some of them at Sharm el Shayk and farmers who live close to the Nile river.

it you fly to luxury and Aswan you can enjoy watching cultural monuments, tombs, and temples related to the pharaoh’s time.

trip to Egypt the red sea Hurghada and Sharm el shaykh

the water activity is great, best places for diving and snorkeling the red seawater and weather very relaxing.

and is communicating with the Egyptian Bedwin living there is a very interesting

trip to Egypt a very unique experience, one can feel that he sum up the culture and the beauty of 4 different countries in one.

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