Healthy Aging


  Why we get aging and how the healthy aging should be…!!
This is the main goal of our trip .
We customized to a very unique trip specialty for you to be the trip which give you a new beginning to health happy life .during the trip you will learn the natural medicine of ancient Egyptian and their health commandments for boosting the immunity and regaining the vitality of their body ,get trained for the new begging during the 14 DAYS TRIP and have a 6 MONTH follow up for the new transformation program

Whoever said that youth stops at a specific age?! Moreover, who said that we have to listen to that?!

These are not mere words; it’s only the truth about our health and the choices we can make to be at the best condition we can possibly have.

At a certain stage of our life we feel that we are in need to pay much more attention to ourselves. Our bodies start to give us indications about their need for extra care and more consideration of the general health needs.

For this sake, we designed this program for you to teach you how to properly comprehend this new stage and how to listen to your body’s needs and respond to these need in the most efficient healthy ways.

That can be seen in various health aspects as follows:

. GI Track

Being an essential part of either health or disease according to what we do, we work on fixing the condition of the gut flora, as its wellness is the beginning of our health journey.

. Immunity

Boosting immunity is a must when we talk about better health. However, the methodology of doing so the right way at every specific age stage is the secret key.

Super foods

Life is full of super foods to improve our health. But which of them is the right one for each and every one of us? The right choice is customized to you according to your individual needs.

. Neurology Protocol

All of our actions including behavior, motor movement, and even mood are influenced by our neurological health. With us, you’ll learn how to maintain your neurological health against all the odds.

. Detox & Oxidation of Cells

What if we told you that not only can you fix your existing body cells but also generate young healthy new ones?! We introduce you to a hidden fountain of youth that has long been forgotten.

. Physical Workout

Physical activity is versatile and a wrong choice can lead to serious complications. We analyze your body’s needs and prescribe to you the most suitable physical exercise meet your specific physical needs.

. Bio-individuality Plan

It’s only a fact that each and every one of us has their own unique biological needs. No plan fits all, and that’s why we are here. As with everything else we make, we tailor a unique health plan for you according to your bio-individuality. You are special and only deserve the best.

. Ancient Medicinal Plants

Old is gold; we all agree to that. And with us, you’ll use the hidden secrets of the ancient medicine super plants to rejuvenate your body and make a new beginning full of health and vitality.


all cancer survivors are in strong need of survivor-ship care program. this program needs full support in the implementation of phase one and needs follow up for at least 6 months. participants need encouragement atmosphere and need to be surrounded by love, understanding, and people who have the same needs.

that is why we offer our healing hands program, we give the full support to our participants by organizing a trip for 12 days into the land of wonder to learn from the ancient Egyptian civilization and how they cared about their bodies with functional medicine.

participants will be surrounded by a group of people who have the same health goals so they interact with each other. care, love, and understanding are the main goals of the working team. follow up for 6 months after the trip is available to assure complete transformation and better results of the program.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

What's Included

-6 days accommodation at five stars hotel in cairo  with 3 meals per day

(Breakfast and dinner at the hotel ,while lunch at local restaurant during the tour.)

-4days accommodation at eco five stars hotel in Siwa

3 meals per day (breakfast and dinner at the hotel ,while lunch during the tour )

-4 days accommodation at five stars deluxe Nile crouse (luxor and Aswan

3 meals per day on board

All meals are chosen carefully are prepared with certain criteria specially to our group

Free (GMO and organic )

-life presentation of preparation of certain super nutrient meals

-All site seeing  mentioned at the program . Air conditioned buses for all excursions and transportation transportation

-English speaking Egyptologist and tour leader during the tours

-Transfer from and to airport .

-Domestic flight from Siwa to luxor and Aswan to Cairo (as mentioned in the program)

-private entrance to the great pyramid complex

Special entrance inside the great pyramid

-private entrance to the sphinx excuser area

-special entrance to some tombs at the pyramids complex

-private entrance to the Egyptian museum .

-very unique detoxing program in Siwa Oasis

-One to one sessions with Dr Hedy and a customizing a unique program for every one according to his

Bio individuality and his health history ,implementation supervision and possibility of do several modification to suit the bio individuality of every one .

-boost immunity program and revealing the ancient Egyptian super powerful medicinal

Plants and herbs with life presentation about the different ways of preparations

-  Epigenetic  program follow Ancient Egyptian health commandments.

-stabilizing hormone program includes insulin and thyroid hormone

-Repair  the Digestive system and the GI track follow the super powerful efficient Ancient Egyptian technique as 80/ of our immunity exist in our Guts

-boosting serotonin secretions program  and presenting the factors the has great impact on serotonin Hormone

Not included

-International flight from and to Egypt .

We can help you in booking the flight .

- visa at Cairo international airport 25$

-Appreciation to the working stuff .

-Any additional tour not mentioned in the program .

- Drinks during the meals .

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E-mail: contact@tour-cure.com

USA phone: 111-111-111
Other countries: +20 1015157744


Office hours: 8am–8pm EST Monday–Friday &  9am–5pm EST Saturdays. Our consultants will be happy to give you all the information you need.

Accommodation, Transportation & Flights

We pick the best five stars hotels in Egypt according to the availability like four seasons hotels and Merritt Mena house hotel .
We follow certain Hygiene procedures followed by our company .Our quality control team supervision the hotel procedures for rooms hygiene and all equipments used by our group (procedures only for our group)
We will spend 4 days in Cairo luxurious 5 stars delux hotels ,4 days in hurghada 5 stars deluxe hotel and 4 days in 5 stars luxurious cruise ship .
All our accommodations ,hotels and cruse ship follow our hygiene supervision procedures by our quality control team

About the Tour

enjoy an exclusive visit to Egypt,have fun,adventure and  amazing trip to Egypt,meanwhile get introduced and trained to follow ANCIENT EGYPTIAN MEDICINE and health commandments for boost immunity ,repair D N A and detoxing the body  FOR 14 DAYS.a 6 month  program after the trip and schedule  follow up to work on suppress the root cause  of cancer and upload the body with all nutrients needed.

Why us

We are the only travel agent who represent cancer survivor ship program (Scop)

In a trip to Egypt .

We present the (SCSP) in very unique way ,according to the bio-individuality of every person

We offer a methodology mixing between the functional mediation ,therapeutic nutrition and Ancient Egyptian medicine

We are the only travel agent who offer a program Siwa mixed with luxor and Aswan cruise

As Siwa is consider the best detoxing place all over the world we get

Health from the Earth - rejuvenate in Siwa Oasis.

Scientific research proved that the water contains amounts of minerals similar to that found in the water of the springs of Carlo Vefari (CHEZ) the famous Health Center where tourists visit to have their treatment.

We offer a very unique (SCSP) our main goal to work on the root course that leads to the cancer .

We not only give every oral medical  consultation & advices ,but we train every one to follow his customized program daily and overcome any obstacle he face until it become one of his normal daily ride style .

We work on reducing the probability factor of subjected back to cancer by working on the root course of the cancer disease .

We customize a program for every one according to his health history and his bio-individuality to suppressing the root course of cancer ; repaired weak gens and enhancing strong gens ,we work on the mutated gens as well .. all of this and much more with an atmosphere of fun ,pleasure and advancer .

We give you the opportunity to meet people passed through the same experience like you  among the trip ,so  they live and feel what deep inside you and you will never feel stranger among them .

According to scientific researches an atmosphere of love ,fun and adventure have a great impact on boosting immunity of cancer survivors .

We are the only travel agent whose main goal is (your health and well-being )

We work on reducing the probability factor of reinfected by cancer back..


         Dr Hedy

  • All cancer survivors are in strong need to my program ,I offer a unique methodology mixed between the functional medicine to get to the root course of cancer and week gens, using therapeutic nutrient to upload what our body needs from nature and uncover the ancient Egyptian health commandments and medicine . I offer all of this in a long time observation because I need to watch every one life style and get him trained to follow a healthy one according to every one case and health history .
  • I choose the trip to Egypt to have the atmosphere of myth , fun ,adventure with all the new and strange wrapped with an atmosphere of love and care , which scientifically approved that it work on boosting immunity .
  • My main focus to work on the hidden cause of cancer and reduce the rescue of re subjected to cancer back
  • Ever cancer survivor in a deadly need to more one the real hidden course of cancer alongside of boosting immunity program and detoxing his body from.

All of this and much more we offer in our program


Pricing & Registration


5975$ for a person in a double room (if you want to stay in a single room ,you will add 1970$ extra to the amount)

700$ only during booking ,while the rest of the amount (60days before the tour )

For single supplement .500$ added to the booking payment while the rest with the rest of the amount ,(60days before the tour .)


Payment Schedule:
- 700 USD deposit – during booking.
- Remaining balance – 90 days before the tour


Bank Account no:636638

Tour dates:

APR 1, 2021 - APR 14, 2021


OCT 7, 2021 - OCT 20, 2021


DEC 3, 2021 - DEC 16, 2021



   -we are the only travel agent who has her own qualified  and certified  quality control team who internationally certified to inspect and check hygiene procedures against germs in general and COVID-19 .in particular

- Only our travel agent .double hygiene procedures check and Auditing by the international companyTUV

For the  hotels rooms and Nile crouse cabins

-Buses ,restaurants  and visiting sites  follow hygiene procedures from our certified team .and

-only our travel agent who have a hygiene certified team accompanying the group at all places .and double check every thing used by our group .

Our hygiene team keep following our guest through the whole trip ,even during the daily visit

To make sure of the hygiene of every place we go ,every single object we use and keep our social distant

The team works on our group personal  the hygiene after each visit .The hygiene  of every place we visit as well as every single object used by us

Travel Map

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