What is ancient Egyptian medicine?Secrets of Papyrus

What is ancient Egyptian medicine: is considering the only potential way of curing the whole world

as ancient civilization amazed the whole world.

Health and wellbeing were the most cared arts by the Pharaohs

they considered health and sickness as an unceasing fight between good and evil power.

Most of the complementary medicine modality originated from ancient medicine.

herbals medicine one of these modalities is what ancient report in their papyrus.

What is the ancient Egyptian medicine among the ancient Egyptians and what are its practices?

Ancient medicine was the result of:

  • experimental and observation
  • they practice spiritual
  • herbal healing beside they practice massage
  • therapeutics
  • and super nutrient food

Herodotus speaks of What is ancient Egyptian medicine?

According to Herodotus, there was a high degree of specialization among physicians.

(Hollous, eT-al 2005)

They had extensive knowledge about the functioning of organs in the human body

Herodotus (Hollous, et-al 2005)

Ancient Egyptian were also familiar with pharmacy and pharmaceutical profession

they used herbal remedies and prepared the drugs.

knowledge about ancient Egyptian medicine

Most of our knowledge about ancient Egyptian medicine comes from Edwin Smith papyrus

Ebers papyrus and Kahum papyrus (1930) which they are back to 17th and 16th C

ancient Egyptian contain recipes and spells for the treatments of many diseases

they contain the diagnosis and provide information about ways of treatments using natural medicine.

The papyrus detailed ancient Egyptian concepts of medicine, anatomy, and physiology

we found very advanced papyrus about gynecological medicine includes methods and testing for pregnancy

birth and contraception are like crocodile dung, honey, and sour milk.

The most important diseases that are treated by ancient Egyptian medicine

The common diseases of ordinary people at that time it made them super-advanced in different branches of medicine like common called Bilharzias (Schistosomiasis)

gynecological medicine, common causes of infertility

low immunity system, general fatigue, momentum and treatment of bleeding in the urinal tract.

Dermatology in Ancient Egyptian Medicine

Dermatology medicine was the glory of ancient medicine (Ebers papyrus)

Herbal medicine played a major part in Egyptian medicine like opium cannabis, myrrh, and frankincense

fennel, cassia, Senna, thyme henna, coaster oil, aloe,

cloves of garlic been found in burial sites includes Totankhamon tombs and temple of pull in Saqqara.

Herbs were steeped in wine and used as oral medicine.

Egyptian consume a large quantity of garlic & onions and its effect against digestive system

Garlic as important healing agent clauses mashed and macerated in vinegar and water for oral section problems and lungs complain. Garlic used for prevention and treatment.

Therapeutic recipes of ancient Egyptian medicine

Plants and seeds used for cooking super nutrients food.

Sprouting seeds and mixing it with other herbs to enhance its nutrients values.

they had other tea and herbs for stomach and all kinds of a urinary complaint.

Coriander leaves were commonly added fresh to spicy foods to moderate their irritation effect.

Cumin used against flatulence with coriander for flavoring.

cumin with wheat flour to relieve the pain of any aching or arthritic joints.

Leaves of plants used as well such as Willow- Sycamore-Acacia- Ym-tree and tonic acid derived from Acacia seeds.

for cooling vessels and heal burns, Coaster oil figs, dates, tapeworms treated by pomegranate root in water.

Effectiveness and quality of ancient Egyptian medicine

They had medicine for all ages, they always ask about the age of patients and documented in their prescriptions

and used green dates and ale sediments even papyrus plant used in medicine.

ancient Egyptian medicine a quality-control test over medicine after preparing drugs.

the chemist had to test its quality.

They believe that god run in his old ages suffered from several diseases made drugs to cure all men.

So they believe that there are medical drugs can be used as universal remedies as made by God.

(Godly medication) like ones made of honey, wax and 14 botanical substance mixed together.

and make adhesive plaster that cured all maladies.

More About ancient Egyptian medicine

Medical prsecritation were written with high skills, very clear and exclusive;

1st diagnosis

2nd medicine

3rd ingredients and measures used and methods of preparation

4th usage technique (tablets form, ointment or inhaling)

List of herbs used in prescritations:

Acacia (diarrhea – internal bleeding – skin disease)

Aloe vera (warms – headaches – moth chest – pains – burns – ulcers – skin diseases – allergies)

Basil (heart diseases)

Turmeric (closes open wond with honey)

Poppy (relieve insomnia headaches – anesthetic – smothes respiratory problems – relieve pain)

Cumin (for stomach disorders – flotation)

Willow tree (for relieve pain – common cold)

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